Age Groups

Nursery (6 weeks – 2 years)

  • Experiences include opportunities to develop emerging motor skills and use of senses to explore their world.
  • Time taken to form strong relationships, so children feel secure in their new environment.
  • A record of each child’s day is kept to share with parents in the afternoon.
  • A strong relationship is built with the parents. We believe it is just as important as the relationships we build with the children. It is important to us that parents feel comfortable in leaving their baby with us, knowing that they will be given the best possible care.

Junior kinder (2 years –3.5 years)

  • Support the children in developing their sharing and turn taking skills, as well as foster relationship with others.
  • Develop children’s language skills through stories and music.
  • Provide opportunities for children to explore, and experiment in the world around them.
  • Sensory play to enhance creativity.

Kinder room (3.5 – 5 years)

  • Environments developed to enhance co-operative play and self help skills.
  • Provide opportunities for children to express creativity, develop fine motor skills and gross motor skills.
  • Extend their thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills.
  • Refine their self-help skills.
  • Promote school readiness skills.