How many staff are there in the children's room?

Nursery (6 weeks - 2 yr) - 10 children with 2 staff

Junior Kinder (2 yr - 3.5yr) - 20 children with 4 staff 

Kinder (3.5 - 5 yrs) - 20 children with 2 staff



Do I need to supply meals?

No. All our meals are supplied using local grown ,fresh produce.Our menu is located in the foyer .Are menu is designed to be nutrionally balanced and follows recommended healthy eating guidelines.The menu is updated every 3 months with the change of season .

Our centre is a nut free centre,due to children with allergies. For this reason we recommend that no food is bought into the centre.

What to I need to bring?
It will be necessary to provide the following:


  • Spare clothes and underwear. Whilst you may feel your child is unlikely to have a toileting accident, spills of water, paint, drinks and food may necessitate a change of clothes.
  • A hat for outdoor play. Our centre has a NO HAT NO PLAY policy. 
  • Nappies or training pants for those who are toilet training.

Baby Rooms: (6 weeks - 2 yrs) 

  • Bottles (formula, breast milk)  
  • Spare sets of clothing 
  • Nappies ( approximately 6 per day ) 
  • A hat for outdoor play.

Please have your child's name on all their belongings.

Is sunscreen supplied?
Yes. Each room is supplied with a 30+ sunscreen recommended by the Cancer Council. Staff apply sunscreen or assist children to apply sunscreen before outdoor activities. If your child is sensitive to sunscreens you may like to supply one that you know your child can use.

Do I still pay if my child is sick or on holidays?
Yes. You are paying for your child's position at the centre. For the centre to hold this position for you while your child is sick or on holidays you need to pay for the days.

How much does it cost?
The amount that you will pay will depend on your eligibility to claim a Child Care Benefit (CCB) or Child Care Rebate from the Australian Government. Please refer to the FEE section on the ABOUT US Page.